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As children of God we are called to outreach, not stay stuck on only trying to increase and help ourselves. God wants us to reach many, some we will never lay eyes on. Some may get it twisted, but why do we support other ministries?  (1) You better sow into others that are doing what you believe in and are also doing and (2) Because all God wants us to do is show His love to all around us. No matter how dim it may look sometimes, no matter how much you feel alone, you better go out and help others as God will always make a way for you! Kingdom work is about working together. You can't out-give God! I pray He continues to link us with opportunities to work with others to spread Gods love!                                                                                                              (Minister Judy Gordon)

Enjoy the Thrills and Chills of Solving the Crime While Supporting His Holy Hands

Sponsored by The Summit Real Estate Agency

SATURDAY, JANUARY 29, 2022 AT 6:30 PM – 11:59 PM

Hugger Murger Brewng

Transport yourself in character and costume back to the Roaring 20’s. Get your Flapper Dresses, Mob Boss Suits, Bootlegger gear and get ready for a night to remember. Enjoy fine dining provided by Succotash Catering, and an OPEN BAR and the present day Hugger Mugger Brewing Company, located on 229 Wicker Street in Sanford, North Carolina!

In honor of The Juice Joint’s excellent business, Rosie Marie, the owner of The Juice Joint is throwing a party to commemorate its success and to remember the previous owner, her late husband, Louie Marie. Since its establishment in 1921, The Juice Joint has become and remained the hottest nightspot in town. In appreciation of its customers, Rosie has promised a night to remember with the town’s elite in attendance!

With the passing of prohibition and organized crime on the rise, The Juice Joint, a swanky speakeasy run by Rosie Marie, has been nothing but jumping. To celebrate it’s success, Rosie is planning a party to remember at the exclusive nightspot…and you are invited!

However, one of the names on the guest list is also on another’s hit list…and no one is safe from the consequences.

With murder on the menu, you are certain to find a medley of individuals to make the night most memorable. From major mobsters and their molls to the swanky singer with her hopes at Hollywood. The cigarette girl with a temper that sizzles to the crooked police chief with nothing to lose.

No one is safe from murder…but everyone will have a chance at solving it.

Will the culprit be the Mayor who is capable of murder? The blacklisted bootlegger desperate to increase their sales? Or possibly the director with a shot at making history?

With the recipe for murder, The Juice Joint will be certain to be serving up a night of mayhem to remember.

Part of the nights events will also include awards for “Ruthless and Rich”, “Dressed to Kill”, “Drama Queen”, “and the “Smoking Gun Award”.

An evening of MURDER, MAYHEM & THE MOB!

Tickets can be purchased from either the Ticket Me Sandhills link or from the link on the Facebook Events Page. (Both Listed Below)

When you go to buy your tickets, there will be two choices. You can pick a character ticket or non-character ticket. If you pick the character ticket you will get a packet stating who you will be showing up as and you will be in character the whole night. If you chose a non-character ticket, you will still show up in 20's attire, you will still participate in the Murder Mystery and you can still win some of the titles shown on the video advertisement posted in the Discussion Section on the event page!

You will get a choice of four different dinner options when you go to purchase your ticket. The event is being catered by Succotash Catering.

Dinner Options (You Will Choose One), unlimited adult beverages & all orders served with bread and appropriate condiments.

  • Smoked Brisket plate with Smashed Fried Potatoes and Citrus Slaw

  • Louisiana Chicken with Smashed Fried Potatoes and Citrus Slaw

  • Pasta Primavera with Seasonal Veggies and Mixed Greens Salad (Vegetarian)

  • Smashed Fried Potatoes topped, Roasted Broccoli with Toasted Garlic and Citrus Slaw (Vegan)

Please reach out with any questions!

If you are not able to make it but would still like to make a donation, please use any of the donation tabs listed below.

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"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11