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Our Vision:

His Holy Hands is working to create a vibrant, well-run and financially secure community-supported program for the homeless and those in need that offers a variety of programs, services and facilities that promote the well-being and dignity of all human beings.

Through our efforts, we aspire to:

  • Bridge the gap to physical needs for the homeless

  • Increase the capacity of those locally in need, through means of education, classes and training to become gainfully employed or able to help themselves

  • Enrich the lives of the youth by helping them obtain their needs...educationally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

  • Make our surroundings a better place by collaborating and working with others to bridge the gap for those of all ages in need, and helping them not only stand on their own by helping them with their physical needs but also mentoring to their spiritual needs in hopes they can help others

  • Cultivate a strong sense of community ownership in, awareness of, and advocacy for all those in need

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